Monday, April 18, 2011

The First Step Towards Taxing Religion?

I'm a little late to the table on learning about this, but Romania has introduced a new tax, adding "witch" to the existing list of labor codes:

Those charging clients for tarot readings, curses, and blessings must now pay a 16 percent income tax and make contributions to health and pension programs.
As has happened with other previously-considered "cultural groups," as they enter or adapt to market institutions they find themselves subject to conditions that face all market participants.

Witches adapted to a free market quickly. Emerging businesses sought their aide, creating a growing clientele for witchcraft. In 1997, there was an attempt to form a “witches’ union,” in part to counter the claims of dozens of upstart witches that they were descendants of Mama Omida. In 1999, there was even a plan to build a thirty-five room “national center of witchcraft” on the outskirts of Bucharest. However, the witches appear to have become victims of their own success. The idea of taxing witchcraft was first put forward in 2001.

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