Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Economics Blog

There is a new economics blog: Ecocomics, where the dismal science and comics collide. Great discussions of the equality/efficiency trade-offs inherent in many comic book story lines (something Vulcan's surely must consider) and the role of mutants in the economy (not biological or cultural ones; X-men kinda mutants). Worth reading.

This reminds me of a couple of other forays of economics into the realm of comic books. Many years ago, Shotaro Ishinomori wrote Japan Inc. as an introduction to Japanese economics and the role and effects of international trade. (I have this book in my office if anyone locally wants to borrow it. There is also a volume two, which I haven't read.) Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman have the forthcoming book The Cartoon Introduction to Economics. Finally, there is the recurrent theme in comics, old as comics themselves, on the benefits of competition (see below):


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By the way, I think Archie made the right choice. More on this topic later.