Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Voting (or lack thereof) in May election.

As recent article by Statscan suggests that 7.5 million people didn't vote in the May federal election.The reasons are summarized by the following graphic:

If you do the math and read between the lines (amalgamating "not interested," "didn't like candidates/issues," and "forgot"), this suggests that almost 40% or 3 million voters didn't vote because they were uninterested.

Some interesting differences across Canada emerge in the Statscan analysis:

  • Lack of interest as a reason for not voting was highest in Quebec;
  • Lack of interest didn't seem to differ across age groups;
  • Lack of interest was lower among voters with university education;
  • Among immigrants with Canadian citizenship who didn't vote, only 13% cited lack of interest.
I know that there are all sorts of analysis we'd like to do on this data to really get at the heart of the matter (Any grad. students interested in working on a paper?) but I think the results point to some interesting questions regarding voter behavior.

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