Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Symbols of Economic Recovery

I've always been interested in how symbols affect judgment and decision making. From a marketing perspective, that's the whole game. If you think back to the Great Depression, the National Recovery Agency (the NRA) had a logo. The logo had a blue eagle (a symbol of strength, the U.S.'s national bird) holding a gear (a symbol of industrialism). The red, white and blue of the poster further tied the NRA directly to the U.S. The logo was displayed in various businesses. Businesses not displaying the logo were often boycotted. By most measures, it was a successful marketing campaign (and a largely successful recovery).

So now we have a new recovery effort in the U.S., and a new logo. The Obama administration, in an effort to maintain transparency regarding the stimulus measures taken, has set up a new web site which has a new logo. The logo displays a portion of the US flag, along with a gear (industrialism) and a leaf (agriculture, maybe green technology). We'll see how things play out and how the logo comes to represent the recovery effort. Only time will tell if this is as good of marketing as that used by the NRA.

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