Friday, October 10, 2008

Upcoming Event: Law School

As a professor, you often get questions from students regarding options for graduate school, careers, etc. Many ask about graduate school opportunities outside of economics (i.e., grad school opportunities that are available with an economics undergraduate degree but do not involve and M.A. of Ph.D. in economics). I know several individuals who have pursued law degrees and are not fully immersed in what economists study under the rubric of "law and economics." with that in mind, here's an upcoming event on the UofC campus:
Interested in a Career in Law?

Wed, Oct. 22, 5 - 7 p.m. Education Building C179
Are you thinking about going to Law School? If the answer's yes, you'll want to attend an upcoming info session to learn all about:

- The Application Process - including deadlines, tips on submitting a good application, and available scholarships
- Career Prospects - Hear from practicing lawyers about career prospects and the type of work they're involved in. - Student's Perspective -Gain an understanding of what law school life entails from a current law student

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Anonymous said...

I know of one individual who pursued an MA and is now pursuing a law degree. One thing I learned from him is not to rush things... My understanding is that he rushed to defend his thesis because he wanted to make it to law school "on time"... needless to say he failed his defense and had to make huge revisions. There is nothing wrong with that of course but in my opinion I think you should not pursue grad school for the sake of closure. If anything, grad school should be a period of time where you are enjoying the research and acquiring new knowledge. Rushing makes no sense as you will end up diminishing your grad school experience. Besides, as suggested by Peter Tracey when I was an undergrad, having more degrees does not make you more "qualified" - they merely make you a better thermometer. Bottomline: DONT RUSH AND ENJOY YOUR EDUCATION.